GFE Las Vegas

What is The Las Vegas Girlfriend Experience?

In comparison to a genuine unpaid relationship between two people, a fancy dinner with your future in-laws, or in simplest terms, the traditional idea of what society says a relationship is.

The Las Vegas Girlfriend Experience takes on a different approach. The GFE is a commercialized experience typically seen in the sex industry where a client pays a prostitute to hold a faux girlfriend title. Within this paid arrangement, both parties are mentally on the same common ground of reciprocating physical and some non-physical acts with one another. The individual holding the girlfriend title within the experience will in some cases, go above and beyond in insuring that the experience is well rounded and not solely about sex. This stirs up a bit of confusion on the outside looking in because it resembles a knockoff version of a traditional partnership. Before digging deeper into the overall meaning of this experience, we must first define the difference between to the basic groups of prostitution. The first is “outdoor prostitution” or “street prostitution.” This form of prostitution does not require much conversation, a high level of comfort towards the prostitute, and is not (if at all) consensual. The second is the “indoor prostitute” which by definition is the complete opposite. As stated above, the GFE resembles that of a traditional relationship, and the client would meet the prostitute online unlike the outdoor prostitute where clients can find them roaming the streets. The cost difference is unknown and can vary depending on the services and specific acts performed. The GFE decided to take it to a different level when the sex industry completely waved the rule put on the prostitutes that they should not kiss their clients in the mouth. Kissing in the mouth, sexual intercourse without protection, romance and communication just…no feelings? Oh, and the client is paying.

The Las Vegas GFE community and the impact that it has made has grown tremendously over the years. It’s non-attachment appeal is what most find so captivating. With gaining a high level of popularity, there has been a movie and a television show created that gives intense visuals on the experience as a whole. It is difficult to find audio or videos of individuals within the community speaking out and giving real life examples of their personal experiences, and we can conclude that it is because of legalities. The actors and actresses a part of the movie or the television show have been making countless appearances and participating in live interviews. Though it is fictional, it is shining light on the community in a metaphorical way. The praise received from the visuals are raising awareness to their targeted audience in a creative way.

The Las Vegas GFE is not designed for those who are actively seeking a traditional form of love or partnership. One that aspires to be involved in romantic relations resulting in marriage or a family will be disappointed assuming because of the close resemblance in definition, it is that of tradition.The GFE is an experience where everything is oddly put right on the table. There are no surprises, and both parties are in total favor of the arrangement. There are many horror stories floating around the media of real world people who have gone through the outdoor prostitution process. It is safe to say that from the outside looking in, it does not seem as comforting as The Girlfriend Experience that offers so much more. The GFE gains respect because of it’s decrease in forceful acts and condemnation. Each prostitute can go into the arrangement with some sense of ease that they would be essentially getting the treatment of “girlfriend”.

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